API Security in the Enterprise

How a DevSecOps Approach Delivers Reliable API Security

Today’s enterprise software architecture is a complex web of internal and external services being drawn together to enable new value to be delivered to customers at a lightening pace.

However, this architecture approach also introduces more security opportunities to enter via vulnerabilities in third party frameworks, in unsecured access to APIs, to security gaps when inputting data, and to application backdoors. The threat surface layer has widened.

Learn how to manage the risks and threats facing an enterprise API security architecture with this comprehensive report.


In this new enterprise IT API-enabled architecture, the increased access points mean more security risks that need to be managed.

  • It is necessary to deal with uncontrolled “clients” (usually mobile devices), that may have been compromised.

  • Using APIs leads to a multiplication of endpoints that need to be managed.

  • Business innovation and faster creation of apps mean some shortcuts might be taken.

  • The new enterprise architecture multiplies the set of operating systems and dependency frameworks that need to be reviewed, secured and maintained.

  • In a complex web of interactions, enterprises have lost control over an application’s logic flow, opening the way to new vulnerabilities.

Includes key industry insights from Ivan Ristic, founder of SSL Labs and Hardenize and Kin Lane, API Evangelist.

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